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Where Exactly Are Google’s Home Service Ads Displaying?

The creeping terror of Google's new Home Service Ads

Search Engine Land just reported that Google’s Home Service Ads, which only launched last month, are already expanding from plumbing and locksmiths to house cleaners and handymen.

For those who haven’t been following along at home, Home Service Ads are a new advertising block that literally replaces the local stack. That means if HSAs are showing in your market and you’re not paying for advertising through Google, your company just literally fell off the map. It doesn’t matter how many reviews you’ve earned on Yelp, how much you’ve invested into your SEO, or how many charities you support. If you’re the best plumber in town but Google’s not getting a piece of the action, then they don’t want anyone to call you.

Yeah, we don’t like it either.

Here’s Where Home Service Ads Are Displaying for the Plumbing Industry

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This search was conducted on 8/28/2015 with the query “[town], CA plumbers”. Fortunately, Google’s idea of the Bay Area includes San Francisco, Mountain View, everything in between, and not a lot else…at least for now. We’ll check back soon to see how Google’s latest plan for world domination is going.\

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Update: Visit the Contractor Calls blog for more updates about Google’s Home Service Ads. 

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