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Have you ever had too much business? Our clients have. Navolutions has been providing search engine optimization services to our customers since day one, and today we’re sharper than ever. That’s because the Navolutions SEO team doesn’t just focus on links, or blogging, or conversion rates. We focus on all of it, and we like to think we’re pretty good at it.

How Do We Do SEO?

There is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all solution to SEO. Plenty of SEO providers will tell you that content is king, or that links make all the difference, but legitimate SEO firms know that there is more to it than that. By the beginning of 2014, Google used over 200 unique signals to determine which sites to show for any particular search, and that number will grow for years to come.

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On-site SEO covers everything that happens on your own website, including code, content, URL structure, and even the server running it.


Without content, you wouldn’t have much of a website. That’s because content covers everything you can read, view, and consume on a website, including text, images, videos, and music.

When working with an existing website, one of the first things our SEO team does is to evaluate your current content. To be effective from an SEO perspective, content doesn’t only have to be compelling. It also has to be comprehensive for your type of website, coded to Google’s exacting specifications, and supportive of your ideal search queries. Many times that means adding to, rearranging, or completely rewriting the content so that it meets all of your SEO goals. It also means capitalizing on content opportunities that your competition has missed.

Your on-site content can also be supported by an ongoing blogging campaign. In more competitive markets, our bloggers can help you establish a regular audience while adding to the quality content of your site, keeping you a step ahead of the competition.

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Google goes to great lengths to keep track of the content it encounters. Most of this indexing is done with the help of the website itself, and the code that is hidden behind the scenes. Invisible elements of code, like alt tags, canonical tags, and video meta tags allow Google to interpret the content on your site and factor it into your site’s overall strengths. Our team knows which signals are the most important, and what to do about it, so that your website is always ahead of the game.

What many SEO companies won’t tell you, however, is that there are deeper ways that your technology can impact your SEO. Your website’s load time, mobile navigation, code to content ratio, indexability, and dozens of other factors are generally out of reach for many SEO providers, but our cross-functional team makes sure that the most meaningful technological signals are covered. Most of this is done behind the scenes at no additional cost, because chances are that you’re just interested in the results.


Off-site SEO covers all the ways your website is connected to other websites, users, and potential customers.

Link Development

SEO isn’t just about getting links anymore. In fact, many links will do more harm than good, and sometimes you need help from a specialist to tell the difference.

Before we ever begin building links to your site, our link development team will evaluate your current links, as well as the competition’s links, to see where your website stands. If there are links that are damaging your SEO, we will work with you to contact the decision-makers to get those links removed. If there are links that you’re entitled to, but not receiving, we’ll work with you to get them.

Next, our link development team will build out a link profile that puts your site ahead of the competition. With the help of our link analysis database, we’ll not only find the best links for your industry, but also the links that the competition won’t be able to get. We can even help you evaluate other link opportunities, such as the chamber of commerce memberships and sponsorships, to find the links that will have the biggest impact.

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ecosystem management

Ecosystem Management

Your website doesn’t operate in a vacuum, and the internet doesn’t forget. If you have ever earned a few bad reviews, used a few different phone numbers, operated form multiple addresses, built multiple websites, or even done business under multiple names, the impact on your SEO can be devastating. That’s why our team has developed a collection of tools and techniques to evaluate your ecosystem’s health and make corrections as necessary.

If you think your SEO may be suffering from multiple business names, addresses, or phone numbers. Repairing a broken ecosystem can be one of the most time consuming and challenging jobs in SEO, so don’t delay if you see serious listing inconsistencies.

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