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A brilliant idea for a charity organization

Have you ever heard of Project Home Again? I hadn’t, until just a few minutes ago, and I’m already sold on the idea.

Project Home Again is a program by the MSCA (Mechanical Service Contractors of America) that helps find missing children by turning your everyday service truck into a giant, rolling milk carton. Participating contractors can purchase magnetic posters of local missing children to apply to their work trucks, vans, and other vehicles, to help maximize exposure and raise awareness. Posters are only 12″ x 18″, so they’re big enough to get noticed without covering too much of a wrapped truck, and they’re only $12 each, which means it doesn’t cost much to do a lot of good. To date, they’ve helped find over 300 children, and they’ve got the support of John Walsh – the host of America’s Most Wanted.

It’s not 100% clear if you have to be a member of the MSCA to participate, but if you’re in a mechanical service business (including HVAC, telecom, and security systems), I think it’s definitely worth looking into.

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