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How We Got a Link from The Huffington Post

Arianna Huffington doesn't care that we got a link from the Huffington Post

By David Shankbone (Own work) [CC-BY-3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

There are plenty of blogs that get links from HuffPo on a daily basis, but this was a first for us. This is how we got it.

A couple weeks ago, I was browsing Reddit on my lunch break and saw a post that caught my attention. It was the perfect example of that legendary “Great Content” that SEOs love to talk about, and it was going fully viral. Because no one had commented on the SEO/content marketing side of it, and because the post was only six hours old, I decided to whip up my fastest blog post to date. It took a little over an hour to write and post it through all of our regular channels, and then I was back to work on our clients’ sites.Read More »How We Got a Link from The Huffington Post

is Hummingbird good for your business?

Is Hummingbird Good for your Business?

Don't Be Afraid - Google Hummingbird helps local SEO for good small businessesRight now, the bird is the word. From Bloomberg to Mashable, everyone is talking about Google’s Hummingbird update. Search for Hummingbird on SearchEngineJournal, one of the SEO industry’s leading publications, and you’ll find roughly 2,000 results. Even my dad, who still uses Windows XP at home, wanted to know “is Hummingbird good for your business?”

That’s the million dollar question, after all.

There are plenty of articles out there trying to dissect every official word on Hummingbird, but today we’ll take a quick look at what it really means for you and your business.Read More »Is Hummingbird Good for your Business?

What Your Webmaster Can’t Do For You

webmster is worried

Pop culture has an obsession with all powerful computer nerds. Every day, you’ll find countless stories of hackers scoring free phone service with Captain Crunch toy whistles, 10 year old girls finding iOS exploits that the experts missed, and international masterminds slipping through ‘impenetrable’ government firewalls. These kinds of stories are so extreme, and so common, that it’s easy to believe that every other 20-something with a computer can single-handedly crash the Shanghai Stock Exchange with the touch of a button.

Meanwhile, in the real world, most of us full-time computer nerds are just as mortal as the rest of you. Just because we can manually open the port on a router to unblock Skype or launch Teamviewer to take control of your computer doesn’t mean that we can move mountains. In the web development and SEO worlds, especially, even the industry’s best and brightest are subject to the whims of Google, Mozilla, Yelp, and hundreds of other major players.

Today, we’re going to take a look at what webmasters can’t do, how you can help make their efforts more effective, and how you can get much better results online without a lot more effort.Read More »What Your Webmaster Can’t Do For You